Stories and bells and gingerbread tales…

It’s Pajama Day at LME and in our annual tradition, there are lots of stories (like The Polar Express), engaging activities, some fun snacks to share, and lots of interesting tales to tell!  These first grade friends are graphing important information about gingerbread men/women before they share their findings.

The day started with Miller Moves and the delightful sound of the Polar Express conductor welcoming all of us on board.  There were several packages delivered from the North Pole this morning to classrooms as well.  Upon further inspection (because that’s an office job, you know), there was the faint sound of jingle bells within all these boxes.  Though some of us have grown older, “the bell still rings for all who truly believe…”

All the fun holiday stories throughout each classroom sparked conversations about family stories, so here’s your Christmas Question today:  What is an important story from your family’s history or a favorite family holiday story you should share this year?  I challenge you to verbally tell stories as well as read stories throughout the upcoming holiday break.  We learn through our family experiences and those events that make unique memories for all of us–talk verbally about them and write them down too!  Here’s hoping you share those stories and memories with the next generation; they will thank you later!

Note:  Special thanks to our parent volunteers who assisted today in immeasurable ways!  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow during class parties. 

  • Party times tomorrow:  KG/1/2 @ 9:00; 3/4/5 @ 10:15; Head Start @ 11:15. 
  • Early Dismissal tomorrow:  12:45 for gr. KG-5th; Head Start releases @ 12:00 Noon.