Holiday Gatherings…

Where to start today . . . hhmmmm . . . let me just say it’s been an eventful smattering of interesting gatherings the past 24 hours here at Miller.  There was the gathering of DADS yesterday and today in the freezing cold temps to help us on early morning arrival duty; their smiles never wavered (thanks, DADS!).  There was the gathering of MISD Maintenance guys on the front lawn yesterday morning when I called about water seeping into the counselor’s office onto the Angel Tree gifts being loaded for delivery.  Then there was the gathering of MISD’s Crisis Response Team in the front office this morning for a surprise lockdown drill.  Additionally, there was the gathering of hundreds of birds on the playground making a stop during their migratory journey who changed the recess routine for some of our young friends.  Yes, I believe in gatherings.  Let’s just say some of these gathering events will provide memories forever…which leads to today’s Christmas Question:  What is your most memorable Christmas or holiday gathering?

Just like Charlie Brown who attempts to understand the true meaning of spirit of the season by gathering with his friends, he is not always excited about holiday gatherings.  He does his personal best to “make it work.”  Call it twisted humor, but I identify with him at times.  We all enJOY hearing stories of family holiday gatherings–the good, the bad, and the ugly.  If we’re completely honest about it, we’ve most likely secretly laughed our way through a holiday movie like Christmas Vacation and thought, “Oh my, that’s us!”  While some of these holiday gatherings and events provide positive, funny stories and personal memories, we can also recall those embarrassing or uncomfortable events as well.  As a wise writer once noted:  “The way you spend Christmas is far more important than how much.”  So as you gather together during the holidays with those you hold dear, take a moment to reflect, revisit, and share with your young learner those holiday gathering memories.  If you don’t have any, here’s hoping you start making them this year!

. . . and what about these Miller “gatherings” so far this week, you ask?  I’m pleased to report our DADS keep showing up each morning, the MISD Maintenance guys fixed our main water line (and still have all their fingers and toes–special thanks to David, Darrell, Joel, and Gerald who braved a late night and chilly temps in lots of water to get the job done!); the Angel Tree gifts are being delivered on time, the Crisis Team was satisfied, and the birds have traveled southward . . . . 🙂