Reindeer Games!

At the Santa Stop in the first grade hallway this morning, I wandered into a large group of reindeer busy at work on various games, crafts, and activities.  One reindeer friend stopped me to share exactly what he was doing:

  • Child:  So, Mrs. Van, do you know who we are today?
  • Me:  I have no idea; please share!
  • Child:  If you look at my new shirt, there’s a clue.
  • Me: I see antlers. Could you be Santa’s reindeer?
  • Child:  That’s why you’re the principal you know… 🙂

Not only were these young readers and learners sharing ideas in small groups and questioning one another, they were engaged in the process of talking strategy when playing games (which were really objective-based activities cleverly disguised as “games”).  Naturally, this inspired our Christmas Question today:  What games or other activities does your family play during the holiday break?  What are your family favorites?

As you enJOY two weeks off from organized curriculum, projects, required homework, and the like, please make time to play games together.  Discussing strategy, following game rules, and engaging in friendly competition teach valuable life lessons . . . so here’s hoping you find a new family board game in your stocking this year!

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