WRAPPING up another great week!

William Blake noted:  “In seed time, learn; in harvest time, teach; in winter, enJOY.”  It’s been a week full of JOY in so many ways . . . .

Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Bass delivered gifts for over 200 angels on Thursday afternoon.  Our Miller families really go above and beyond in their service and care of others!  Thanks for sharing the greatest gift of giving to those in need!

Our third graders presented us with the amazing seasonal musical, “North Pole STAR,” under the musical direction of Amber Grant and the specials team.  Santa’s famous reindeer (Darrow, Kylie, Kaleigh, Truman, Johnathan, Deven, Whitney, and Amber) showcased their unique reindeer talents for guest judges (and a live, voting studio audience) to award the coveted “North Pole STAR” trophy (think, American Idol at the North Pole!).  An emcee, guests judges, background entertainers, and even live commercial breaks brought the action to life.  Elves (Victoria, Marli, Alex, Peyton, and several others) provided commercial breaks for important seasonal products (reindeer food, anyone?).  The singing, dancing, jokes, and acting during this demanding show were nothing short of truly extraordinary!  BRAVOS to our talented students and to all who gave of their musical genius to make this festive musical come alive!

Which brings me to the Christmas Question of the day:  What gifts do you give during the season that do not come wrapped in a box?  As you know, it’s not all about the physical gifts during the season.  The other ways we choose to give (time, talents, and service) are sometimes much more important in fact!  For example, I’m grateful for the talents of our office ladies (who are wearing Mrs. Worley’s handcrafted JOY shirts she gifted to us!).  We are indeed blessed at Miller with the gifts you and your child bring everyday to our learning community!  🙂

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