Ornamental Pearls of Wisdom…

A young learner stopped me this morning in the hallway just after announcements:

  • Child:  “Mrs. Van, I have a Christmas question for you today.”
  • Me:  “Yes?”
  • Child:  “Do you have a favorite ornament on your Christmas tree that is dear to you?”
  • Me:  “Actually, I do, and thanks for asking! What a great question!”
  • Child:  “Will you write about it today so I can read it tonight on the computer?”
  • Me:  “Sure ‘nough; consider it done!”

Here goes little one:  One of my favorite words in the English language is “JOY.”  While happiness is grand, it concentrates more on a circumstance of life–we just “happen” to find ourselves happy because of a situation.  JOY is a deep, soulful emotion bringing delight and gladness–comfort and JOY to the beholder.  There is an ornament I keep close at hand all year (it actually hangs on our tree during the season) with the little word JOY inscribed on the antique snowball.  My Granny B. actually wrote the word JOY on the little ornament the day we had this conversation about the difference between happiness and JOY.  You see, this was her special way of sharing a “pearl of wisdom” with me.  She was known for doing clever little things like this . . .

You see, the students were making ornaments today in a workstation during Daily 5 rotations, so I’m anxious to see their results tomorrow.  In the meantime, here’s your question:  Is there an ornament from your past or present on your tree that is dear to you?  Here’s hoping you share a special pearl of wisdom of your own with your little one this year!

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