Feliz Navidad!

Keeping Christmas is good, but sharing it with others is even better.  There’s a group within our Miller learning community who give and give and give throughout the year.  We are indeed blessed on our campus with an active group of PTO members and volunteers who give so much more than they receive; today was no exception as they lavished our staff with a delicious and festive fiesta to celebrate the holiday season!

Under the direction of Lori Walk, several parents spent valuable time (and many long hours) making homemade enchiladas, tamales, rice, beans, sopapillas, cupcakes, and other treats to share with staff during lunch.  Each team enJOYed food, fun, and fellowship during the celebration.  We most definitely have extraordinary chefs and bakers in our crowd too!

If you’re anything like my family, our celebrations are always created around the food–perhaps it’s a cultural thing or just something that evolved through the years in our family.  Regardless, we love to cook (the process is sometimes more fun than the final product) and we certainly enJOY eating even more!  Naturally, this brings us to our question today:  What is your favorite holiday food and what stories (or memories) does this food evoke for you?

We are so grateful for the support and partnership of our PTO and the parents who give every single time they are called upon to do so!  Generosity is a sign of a great soul and we have many great souls here at Miller Elementary!  Thanks for giving; Feliz Navidad!  🙂

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