Miller Moves…

We have a new, engaging weekly routine we are doing this year called, “Miller Moves.”  I admit I stole the idea from another of my princiPALs who found this fun way to get learners up and moving around in a risk-taking fashion.  It’s too bad you’re not here to see our unique “Miller Moves” each week.  The thing is, they never know when I’m planning to come over the campus speaker and blast the music.  You should see the hallway camera footage!

Today, Mrs. Bass started the morning message with our “Miller Moves” song this week (a jazzy version of Jingle Bells, don’t you know!).  After we all caught our breath, it started a great conversation and led to our question for the day:  What songs do you think are on Santa’s iPod this Christmas?  What is a favorite holiday song of yours? 

I’ve always enJOYed the Peanuts gang from Charles Schultz’s beloved series; these kids are great problem solvers (even though it always bothered me because the parents were never around to supervise–that is SUCH an educator thing to say!).  One of the fun parts of any episode is what I affectionately call the “Peanut Dance” where each character busts moves to Schroeder and Snoopy’s light jazz.  Can you hear the tune in your head now?  They also know the value of a good song.

Here’s hoping you take time to laugh, sing, and bust your own Miller Moves during this season of JOY; they are the music of the soul after all!  🙂

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