Veteran’s Day 2011!

“Honor to the soldier and the sailor everywhere, who bravely bears the country’s cause.  Honor also to the citizen who cares for his brother of the field, and serves, as best he can, the same cause.”  These words spoken by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War on the battlefield of Gettysburg, pledged support and thanks for the service and work of our nation’s veterans.  Our fifth grade learners and leaders presented an extraordinary program this morning to our entire campus!  The audience was packed with veterans, parents, friends, and community leaders to support and celebrate our veterans.  The annual Wall of Honor is currently displayed in our main hallway along with several research projects shared by our fifth graders.  We also enjoyed classroom visits by several veterans sharing their personal stories.

Scouting Pack #277 presented the colors and led the audience in the Pledge. 

Fifth graders shared important history, facts, and several beautiful songs such as “Bless Our Troops” and “Thank A Vet.”   The Miller Ringers also played a stirring patriotic medley using our beautiful handbells (thank you, MEF).  Bill Thompson, long time friend and former U.S. Navy trumpeteer (who performed for President Dwight D. Eisenhower in Washington D.C.), played opening bugle calls and closed our ceremony with the traditional “Taps.”

There are over 24 million living veterans today and we took time to honor and recognize each branch of the armed services during the singing of the “Armed Forces” medley.  It was a great tribute of thanks and admiration, especially considering we have Candace Ramirez (Kinder teacher) who served in the Navy before serving in the classrooms of MISD!  You can see Mrs. Ramirez here with two of her young friends, Presley and Tristyn.

It is noted that in teaching others, we teach ourselves.  Our fifth graders did their personal best today to teach all of us from the heart.  What tugs the most at my heartstrings is the look on the faces of our future generation and knowing many of them will be called to serve shortly.  I have former students of mine serving all over the world; while I worry about their personal safety knowing they are doing their best to protect themselves and others, I am so humbled and proud to know they willingly serve their country so we continue to have freedom with liberty and justice for all Americans.

The fifth grade ceremony today marks an opportunity to remember, reflect, and revisit the sacrifices and service of the brave men and women who have before, who are today, and who will tomorrow give unselfishly of themselves on behalf of our great country.  We also thank the families of all veterans who sacrifice as well; the contributions of your entire family are greatly respected and appreciated!

It was definitely a Golden Bell of Success today at LaRue Miller Elementary School!  Many thanks to all who shared, participated, and gave valuable time, talents, and service!

Specials team:  You are superstars!

Fifth learners and leaders:  Huge BRAVOS to all!

Thanks to third grade teacher and super-photographer, Amy Clark, for allowing me to share her photos today in my blog! 

Note:  To the veteran who asked about the words to “Taps” I shared today before Mr. Thompson played:

“Day is done; Gone the sun. From the hills, from the lakes, from the skies.  All is well; safely rest.  God is nigh.  Thanks and praise; For our days. ‘Neath the sun, ‘Neath the stars, ‘Neath the sky.  As we go; this we know.  God is nigh.”