Cake or Pie…and why?

Do you prefer cake or pie, and why?  This was a question posed during my campus walk-about today.  It all started as a prewriting activity in a workstation (during guided reading and literacy time) and blossomed into so much more!  A graph was created by the first group to survey the class; they then left the survey for others to complete.  The second group polled for favorite types of cakes or pies–what a list!  A third group researched recipes for the top five picks in both categories to study ingredients and measurements for baking.   The fourth group culminated the results of each group’s work to share out at the end of literacy centers (which later turned into math centers as well).  This group also assigned the class’ homework for tonight…to poll their own family for preferences and favorite recipes.  I left class very hungry for cake, pie, and time in my kitchen today!  I look forward to revisiting soon for their results.

I sincerely enJOY watching the thought processes of our learners and how enthusiastically they tackle engaging subjects.  A simple question starts the ball (or dough, in this case) rolling:  “Cake or pie and why?”  Their questioning, critical thinking, ideas, input, teamwork, and implementation of a plan involving everyone in the class demonstrates great problem solving on their part.  It also shows wonderful leadership in their classroom.  Learners need protection from consequences during the learning process in order to take learning risks; these learners are given few boundaries and succeed in extraordinary ways (and not a worksheet was in sight!).  So . . . are you Team Cake or Team Pie and why?

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