Pointing to a successful future…

You’ve heard me comment before about our “buffet of services” available here at LaRue Miller Elementary.  Please take note of the amazing team of Miller leaders pictured here who make it happen everyday.  Pictured on the top row standing are:  Joy Cowan (CM/LL, Incl), Nancy Walts (CBI), Rebecca Johnson (HS), Chandra Filmore (CBI), Brittany Mach (Res/Incl), Kris Roberts (CM/LL), Bethany Griffin-Loftis (ESL/Dyslexia), Jennifer Blair (Res/Incl), Laura Flores (HS), Danielle Schrodt (HS), and Shanna Horton (LEAD/CBI).  Pictured seated in chairs are:  Jurae Greiten (HS), Adrienne Mitchell (HS), Terri Bush (diagnostician), Ann Beller (PPCD), Eva Martin (CBI), Kathleen Stuckert (ST).  On the floor, you’ll find:  Jennifer Mabra (AII), Angela Bailey-Coleman, (PPCD), Christy McAfee (CBI), and Delaina Wimpee (LEAD/SLP) . . . and then I say, “E-I-E-I-O!”  Did you follow all the initials?  Do you need a dictionary?  Why this is only a portion of the personnel who come from throughout the region to enrich our instructional programs daily! Yes, we are indeed blessed with an extraordinary team of dedicated, highly-qualified, fun educators right here on our campus!

We offer a continuum of services designed specifically to meet the individual needs of all learners.  Regardless of an identified need, we create a strong personalized program where a child with special needs works in the least restrictive educational and instructional setting with specially-trained staff everyday.  General and Special education service teams work collaboratively and inclusively on a plan of instruction to meet specified goals as outlined through the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Committee.

Here are a few terms to note:

  1. CBI – Community-Based Instruction
  2. PPCD – Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities
  3. Res/Incl – Resource/Inclusion
  4. HS – Head Start PreK Program
  5. LEAD/SLP/ST – Speech programs
  6. CM/LL – Content Mastery/Learning Lab
  7. AII – Auditory Impairment Instruction
  8. VII – Visual Impairment Instruction
  9. ESL/Dyslexia – English as a Second Language/Dyslexia service provider

I could spend several blogs on the intricacies and merits of each program within our instructional rainbow; we’ll just keep this simple for now.  All learners are indeed blessed at Miller to share in the unique experiences of having all types of learners on our campus.  As this staff picture indicates, we are also blessed to have leaders who take their work seriously, but not necessarily themselves too seriously.  After all, they point us in the unique direction of a successful future for all learners!

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