There’s no place like home…

Homecoming…the arrival at home.  In Midlothian ISD today it’s a festive annual event held by our district to celebrate our alumni coming back home and to cheer our hometown team to victory!  In our case at Miller, we have the honor of sharing our spirit with several of our Panther Readers today!  Like this picture shows, Mrs. Clark’s third graders are displaying their best wishes to Panther Myron Hanson (#51) this morning while he reads to them.

Homecoming is more than a parade, a football game, the crowning of a king and queen, the big pep rally, or seeing old friends; it’s really about creating team, sharing community spirit, and building future leaders.  It’s interesting how we rally around sports teams in towns across America (there are dissertations written on this very subject in fact).  It is my sincere hope we actively choose to demonstrate this same spirit ALL THE TIME in every area of our lives . . . just imagine what we could really accomplish in the world?!

Students love to show their spirit (thus, the reason we do several special days throughout the school year) and they heartily participate in the teamwork and fun they experience during special events.  Like my friends Georgia and Kayleigh noted:  “There’s no place like home at Homecoming!”  See you at the parade and game; go Panthers!

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