Let’s get it STARTed!

It’s true; LaRue Miller Elementary offers what I affectionately call the “buffet of services” to learners and their families.  One of these unique opportunities is the Head Start (PK) Program.  Pictured left to right are Danielle Schrodt, Rebekah Johnson, Jurae Greiten, Adrienne Mitchell, and Laura Flores.  WHEW…what these amazing ladies accomplish in a day is nothing short of extraordinary!

The Head Start Program is over 45 years old and has served an estimated 28 million children and families in its long US history.  Personal note:  My first experience with Head Start was in the mid-1960s (no comments about my age!) when my mother was a Head Start teacher in Dallas.  I would often visit her classroom and sit with children to play or read while she worked with another small group.  I vividly remember teaching colors and showing children how to draw certain objects.  Needless to say I was thrilled to know we would have this important program at Miller when we opened our doors in 2008!

While today’s classes look different from those decades ago, the concepts remain very much the same.  It is abundantly clear that the single most important factor in this primary educational setting is the quality of the teachers and their daily practices (true in every classroom).  The patience required to keep up with 3/4 year-olds deserves its own accolades; we could not be more blessed to have our team here at Miller!

Head Start is a Pre-Kindergarten Program with additional services wrapped around it.  Family and community involvement, health services, disability services, parent involvement and education, nutrition, and early childhood best practices are part of the support systems involved in this comprehensive program.  Our program at Miller works collaboratively with our Region 10 Educational Service Center to provide a comprehensive early childhood program for income-eligible children ages 3 and 4.  Our team follows performance standards established by the federal government and our staff members are highly qualified to work with our learners.

Our beautiful learners though . . . they bring the smiles, sparkling eyes, and amazement to the halls of Miller each day!  From a family-style breakfast and lunch to Tricycle Town time to learning how to be an important part of our school family . . . they work smart and with great JOY each day.  As one little friend shared with me on his first day this year, “Let’s get it started!”