The Power of TEAM…Student Honor Council

Perhaps you’ve heard this definition of TEAM:  Together Everyone Achieves More.  One of the many ways we work to truly maximize foundations for future leaders is through extra-curricular opportunities here at school.  As noted before in a previous post, our fifth graders have multiple ways to experience leadership on our campus during their final year in elementary school.  One such important team of student leaders are 5th grade learners who are willing to serve on our LaRue Miller Student Honor Council. Pictured left to right are our 2011-2012 representatives:  Kara, Emily, Baylee, Autumn, Jamison, Jonathan, Cade, Michael, Bryce, and Jace.  These talented students endured the extensive application process which included seeking staff and personal recommendations, submitting grades, signing a contract of agreement with a parent, and sharing an essay on how they plan to fulfill all the duties required of this honor.  Applications are read by staff and outside community supporters who then choose the top ten candidates for approval.  Their proud sponsor is our school counselor, Mrs. Stanley.

So what exactly does the Student Honor Council (SHC) do during the year?  The better question might be, “what do they NOT do?”  The expectations are high and the demand on their time is even greater.  Each team member must exhibit great leadership, citizenship, school spirit, teamwork, responsibility, and strong academics in their roles as campus student leaders.  Activities for SHC include campus-wide service learning projects throughout the year, Red Ribbon Week activities, College Week activities, training at the prestigious “Leaders R Us” seminar, student motivational day celebrations, and leadership roles in various capacities (such as campus ambassadors).  They work as a true TEAM by making the best use of the talents of others.  As one student leader shared with me:  “Mrs. Van, my work is not finished until I’ve made every student at LaRue Miller feel like they belong here!”  🙂

There is nothing more powerful or empowering than to tap into the natural leadership of young learners working as a TEAM.  As Margaret Meade commented:  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful people can make a difference, in fact, it is the only thing that ever has . . .”