Happy Hearts Day!

Our youngest learners have a challenging time saying the word “valentine.”  It comes out in several unique ways and always with a big smile!  Many just give up and say “happy hearts day” instead.  Such is the case when one precocious little friend climbed into my lap to share his vintageval2thoughts today:

Child:  Happy ‘Balentiney-heart’ Day, Mrs. Van!

Me:  Thank you…and Happy Hearts Day to you too!

Child:  Do you love me?

Me:  Always and forever.

Child:  But what will Mr. Van say?

Me:  He’s okay with it; he knows I love all our Miller family.

Child:  WOW!  That’s a lotta love!  🙂

As Victor Hugo noted:  “What a grand thing to be loved…what a grander thing still to love!”  We are blessed everyday to work in an environment where our relationships with our learners and each other model unconditional love.  Here’s hoping everyone feels this love today and every day!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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