Thanks and Giving…

Thanks1 Thanks3 We celebrated our annual Family Thanksgiving Feast today with great thanks and giving indeed!  From the traditional meal to great conversation during all six lunches, families noshed in fellowship, tradition, and fun.  Special thanks to our cafe ladies and volunteers who fedThanks4 over 1100 LME family members.  Thanks to our learning community for joining us today.

In the process of sharing, several learners and their families Thanks2stopped by the “thankful tree” to post their blessings and drop off canned and boxed food items for our big food drive this week.  Our Student Honor Council reports we have over 2500 products in just two days…WOW!  Please keep them coming through Thursday!  As always, thanks for sharing the love by giving this week…and throughout the year!  🙂


Perfect Thanksgiving…WRITE ON!

As is tradition, I was invited this morning to share a special holiday story with some young readers working on an interesting writing project today.  They selected the book The Perfect Thanksgiving by Eileen Spinelli.  perfectTHWritten in fun rhyming couplets, this entertaining tale delightfully shares the story of very different families celebrating Thanksgiving in very different ways.

Enter two families who couldn’t be more opposite:

  1. Family one seems just “perfect”—with a plump golden turkey, gorgeous whipped cream swirls atop their pie, and lace napkins on the table.
  2. Family two, on the other hand, seems very different—the turkey burns, the Jell-O wiggles and jiggles right to the floor, and Dad’s shirt serves as his napkin.

What could these two very different families possibly have in common?  They find they’re alike in “just how loving our different families are…”

After great discussion, these young writers created lists of their own family traditions to place on a hand-decorated turkey (literally drawn from their own hand, mind you, just like they found in the story).  We shared their results making comparisons between various traditions and new ideas.  Full of whimsy, good spirit, and familial love, this laugh-aloud picture book added a spicey springboard to their writing, but will certainly create some interesting conversation during any Thanksgiving feast!  Thanks, my little writing friends…WRITE ON!  🙂

Turk-rific Thanks!

DIGITAL CAMERAI had a visit this afternoon from some young friends who are working on their “gaditudes” (gratitudes). 🙂  They were explaining to me how they add a feather to their own turkey every morning after morning message and journals until the turkey has a full row of feathers.  Each feather, of course, represents a special blessing or thankful gift in their life.  Before leaving my office, they reminded me to share my own “turk-rific thanks” since they happen to know Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday to celebrate each year.  🙂  Here’s hoping we all heed this powerful advice in the coming days; we are all blessed in the most extraordinary ways after all . . .

STAND UP for the hungry!

Our Student Honor Council and their special guest, Kayleigh, spoke to us during Miller Rally today about our 6th Annual LME Food Drive.  Traditionally, we spend the month of November StuCo13-14collecting non-perishable food items to share with our local Manna House, a MISD community problem solving project started by 8th graders many years ago.  Kayleigh is assisting us this year specifically because one of her passions is making certain no one goes hungry in our community.

We encourage everyone to round up your canned and boxed food items all next week (Nov. 4 – 8) and bring them to your homeroom class.  Mrs. Stanley, LME counselor, reminds everyone to, “please check the expiration dates on your food products.”  Additionally, StuCo is challenging classes by offering a special “Scooby Doo and Popcorn Too” incentive for the six top classes, one from each grade level.  Let’s all do our part to STAND UP for the hungry in our own community!

‘Twas the week before Thanksgiving…

Yes, it’s the week before Thanksgiving; things are moving and shaking around Miller right now!  During my walk-about this morning, I was entertained by a class of learners who shared this wonderful Jack Prelutsky poem:

It’s the middle of November and our weather’s crisp and cool;

Thanksgiving’s getting closer so there’s lots to do at school.

Our teacher gives us projects that we work every day;

We make Pilgrims and Indians out of paper, glue, and clay.

Our bright Thanksgiving murals are displayed on all the walls;

And our cut-out paper pumpkins gaily decorate our halls.

Today I drew a turkey with long feathers and a face;

In the middle of November, our school’s a very busy place!

If this class project is any indication, there are many things to be thankful for around Miller (they are making “blessing” hats to wear later this week)!  Our Kinder friends shared a wonderful lesson on nocturnal animals with our MISD Board of Trustees last night; they did an outstanding job of WOWing the audience and we are truly thankful to the learners and their classroom leaders for representing our school so well!  The annual Field of Readers is tonight @ 6:00 p.m.–what a great family event for all; please join us!  Our traditional family feast in the Miller Cafe is Thursday during all six lunches; we hope to see you here!  Finally, our annual Super Outrageous Science (SOS) Day will be Friday morning all over the building.  Miller scientists are so thankful for the extraordinary equipment and materials as well as the amazing opportunity to share some exciting experiments throughout the day with others!

Miller is indeed a very busy place in the middle of November!  Here’s hoping you can join us at some point in the celebrations!