Perfect Thanksgiving…WRITE ON!

As is tradition, I was invited this morning to share a special holiday story with some young readers working on an interesting writing project today.  They selected the book The Perfect Thanksgiving by Eileen Spinelli.  perfectTHWritten in fun rhyming couplets, this entertaining tale delightfully shares the story of very different families celebrating Thanksgiving in very different ways.

Enter two families who couldn’t be more opposite:

  1. Family one seems just “perfect”—with a plump golden turkey, gorgeous whipped cream swirls atop their pie, and lace napkins on the table.
  2. Family two, on the other hand, seems very different—the turkey burns, the Jell-O wiggles and jiggles right to the floor, and Dad’s shirt serves as his napkin.

What could these two very different families possibly have in common?  They find they’re alike in “just how loving our different families are…”

After great discussion, these young writers created lists of their own family traditions to place on a hand-decorated turkey (literally drawn from their own hand, mind you, just like they found in the story).  We shared their results making comparisons between various traditions and new ideas.  Full of whimsy, good spirit, and familial love, this laugh-aloud picture book added a spicey springboard to their writing, but will certainly create some interesting conversation during any Thanksgiving feast!  Thanks, my little writing friends…WRITE ON!  🙂

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