STAND UP for the hungry!

Our Student Honor Council and their special guest, Kayleigh, spoke to us during Miller Rally today about our 6th Annual LME Food Drive.  Traditionally, we spend the month of November StuCo13-14collecting non-perishable food items to share with our local Manna House, a MISD community problem solving project started by 8th graders many years ago.  Kayleigh is assisting us this year specifically because one of her passions is making certain no one goes hungry in our community.

We encourage everyone to round up your canned and boxed food items all next week (Nov. 4 – 8) and bring them to your homeroom class.  Mrs. Stanley, LME counselor, reminds everyone to, “please check the expiration dates on your food products.”  Additionally, StuCo is challenging classes by offering a special “Scooby Doo and Popcorn Too” incentive for the six top classes, one from each grade level.  Let’s all do our part to STAND UP for the hungry in our own community!

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