…and we’re back!

tools1What a blessing to spend the day with our #LoveServeCare Team at LME this year!  Our staff members arrived with lots of enthusiasm, smiles, and energy to get this school year started!  They came with innovative ideas and a quality crafting attitude as we channeled our inner-carpenter skills to create wooden team “toolboxes” for the year.  After doing their summer IMG_5361homework (reading Jon Gordon’s newest book, The Carpenter), we put our Love, Serve, and Care ideas into action.  Using hearts (and hammers), our LME Staff was not only handy but full of fun teamwork.

Be watching for those extra-special carpentry and craftsmanship touches throughout the coming year as we design dreams and build leaders everyday.  Welcome Back, LME!

Note:  We look forward to opening our school doors for our annual Meet The Teacher event this week on Thursday evening.   Our 3rd/4th/5th grade friends will join us from 5:30 to 6:15 and our HS/Kinder/1st/2nd grade friends can stop by from 6:15 to 7:00. 

Who is a teacher?

NTD1On this National Teacher Day, it probably goes without saying we have extraordinarily talented, outstanding educators at LME…heart, mind, and soul!  Yes, I’m biased, but it’s my blog after all…  🙂

With this respectfully noted, I asked some older learning friends for their specific thoughts today about our teachers.  Please enJOY their comments:

Who Is A Teacher?

A teacher is someone who see of us as unique persons and encourages our talents and strengths.
A teacher is someone who looks beyond my face and sees inside my soul even with eyes in the back of her head (just like mom).
A teacher is someone with a special touch, a smile, someone who takes time to listen to all sides and is fair, even when I mess up.
A teacher is someone with a caring heart who respects and understands even when they don’t want to and even when I want him to only take my side.
A teacher is someone who looks past bad choices to see the hurt and pain in others even when she has a tough day herself.
A teacher is someone teaching all of me, not just certain parts of me.
A teacher is someone building my confidence and raising my worth in life.
A teacher makes a difference in my life, affects my family, and pushes me to my future!#thanks

Bless you, LME staff, for the work of teaching and learning you do every single day!  Happy National Teacher Day; Go Team Miller!

Thank a Teacher!

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week and we celebrate big around here…well…we celebrate big around here all the time in fact.  In the midst of much celebration though, we pause to reflect on our profession and all thank-a-teacherthat it is today.  Each of us can look back with fondness at school years and find at least ONE teacher who always stands out for us.  Who is it for you?

It’s always our sincerest hope and highest expectation each child finds MORE than one teacher who makes a lifelong impact on them in our learning community.  As educators, we share a common goal:  To see growth and progress in our learners.  As my Granny B. pointed out to me years ago though, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”   Granny’s right!  Relationships are the key to this growth and progress everyday because learning is a process every single day…and great teachers have to be even better students during the learning process!

I was gifted not long ago with this cute block sign.  It reminds me daily why I do what I choose to do and who it will impact in the process.  We may be viewed in society as “the downstairs maid of all other professions,” (Frank McCourt), but no one, and I mean no one, could do what they do without at least ONE teacher laying a foundation and making an impact.  So, as you’re reading this, which teacher will you thank today?  🙂