Who is a teacher?

NTD1On this National Teacher Day, it probably goes without saying we have extraordinarily talented, outstanding educators at LME…heart, mind, and soul!  Yes, I’m biased, but it’s my blog after all…  🙂

With this respectfully noted, I asked some older learning friends for their specific thoughts today about our teachers.  Please enJOY their comments:

Who Is A Teacher?

A teacher is someone who see of us as unique persons and encourages our talents and strengths.
A teacher is someone who looks beyond my face and sees inside my soul even with eyes in the back of her head (just like mom).
A teacher is someone with a special touch, a smile, someone who takes time to listen to all sides and is fair, even when I mess up.
A teacher is someone with a caring heart who respects and understands even when they don’t want to and even when I want him to only take my side.
A teacher is someone who looks past bad choices to see the hurt and pain in others even when she has a tough day herself.
A teacher is someone teaching all of me, not just certain parts of me.
A teacher is someone building my confidence and raising my worth in life.
A teacher makes a difference in my life, affects my family, and pushes me to my future!#thanks

Bless you, LME staff, for the work of teaching and learning you do every single day!  Happy National Teacher Day; Go Team Miller!

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