Meet the Staff! (Part I)

It goes without saying we are blessed with educators at LaRue Miller Elementary who choose to love, serve, and care for their learners and each other every single dakinderteam1415y.  We are thankful for these talented, extraordinary team members:

Kinder Team:  Hank Pendley, Karyn Story, Jennifer Rinehart, and Roanna Nanney.  1st grade 14-15

First Grade Team: Lauren Bergvall, Stephanie Daniell, Katie Bergvall, and Emily Stanley.

2ndgradeSecond Grade Team:  Lana Beckwith, Joy Cowan, Nikki Hoover, Judy King, and Heather Cooper.  3rdgrade

Third Grade Team:  Kourtney Milne, Amy Clark, Andrew Morgan, and Jean Waddill.

4thgradeFourth Grade Team:  Brittany Cole, Susie Dickard, Jane Crisp, Jennifer Kids, and Shannon Williams.  5th Grade

Fifth Grade Team:  Sherrie Gunter, Susan Bly, Jennifer Lassetter, Laurie Garippa.

These amazing leaders of learners are one of the many reasons our students are committed to doing and being their personal best as they grow into greatness every single day!

Living Legacy

Often people attempt to live their lives backwards:  they want more things, more education, more money, more order in an attempt to do more of what makes them happy in life.  The way it actually works is the reverse.  This is the lesson Mrs. LaRue Miller teaches our learners daily.

LaRue Miller017 01Our school namesake reflects:  “You must first be who your really are and then do what you need to do in order to have what you need and want in life.”  It is interesting to note how Mrs. Miller’s philosophy rings true in the generations of lives she has touched through her teaching and volunteer legacy in Midlothian ISD.  While she would never admit it, she remains a critical part of something profoundly extraordinary because she was the catalyst.

Mrs. Miller will also tell you she is humbled and honored to have her legacy carried forth in the classrooms of the school bearing her name.  We strive each day the bell rings to make decisions and choices with her in mind!  When you visit and volunteer on our growing campus, you will find telltale signs of her blessing:  a picture or book here, a quote there…all little reminders of her majestic influence and continuing inspiration.  She deeply loves our learning community, prays for us, and devotes great time and energy into cheerleading our work!  Personally, I am grateful for her wisdom, enthusiasm, and hugs; she is so generous with those hugs!  🙂  She knows her story, she communicates her story, and she continues to lead with her story everyday!

Thanks, Mrs. Miller, for honoring us with your legacy; thanks for being our personal living legend in MISD.  After all, “the goal is simple…to help you achieve yours!” 

Yearbooks and Red Ribbons and Trunks…oh my!

Yearbooks-182x182-Y-LOGOOur yearbooks are on sale now!  There are two ways to order your 2013-2014 copy of our LME yearbook:

  • Place a check (made payable to LaRue Miller Elementary), money order, or cash into the yearbook envelope with student name and homeroom teacher.
  • Visit to click on “buy your yearbook.”  Tax will be charged and the online option will only be available until Dec. 20th.

We are also having our traditional LME Yearbook Cover Design Contest open to all LME students.  Guidelines to enter this contest are:

  1. Design must be submitted on white 7.5 x 8 inch paper.  Mrs. Story has the paper ready for pick-up.
  2. Design must include the year 2013 – 2014.
  3. On the back of the design, please include first and last name, grade, and teacher name (written lightly in pencil).
  4. Design cannot be stapled or folded.

The winner of the yearbook cover contest wins a free yearbook!  Design are due to Mrs. Story, yearbook sponsor, by Friday, November 1st!

Red Ribbon Week is our annual drug awareness campaign and this IMG_1817year we are STANDING UP Against Drugs at LME.  Please make note of the following themes each day:

  • Mon; Oct. 28:  Seriously, Don’t Do Drugs! (wear silly socks)
  • Tues; Oct. 29:  STAND UP For Your Friends (making friendship bracelets)
  • Wed; Oct. 30:  Don’t Let Drugs SNEAK UP on You!  (wear bright sneakers)
  • Thurs; Oct. 31:  Be a STAND UP Character; Show Your Good Character! (dress like you favorite book character).  This is also Fall Party Day at LME!
  • Fri; Nov. 1:  STAND UP For Your Future! (wear your favorite college or team shirt)

Finally, our PTO is sponsoring a special Trunk or Treat Event this week on Thurs; Oct. 24th, in conjunction with our Family Book Fair Night Event.  Trunks will be decorated and ready in the front parking area @ 6:30 p.m.  The Book Fair will be open from school dismissal until 7:30 p.m. for our families to stop, read a great book, and shop (the holidays are just around the corner, you know!) 🙂  The weather should be great, so please stop by for some family fun and fellowship!