Meet the Staff! (Part I)

It goes without saying we are blessed with educators at LaRue Miller Elementary who choose to love, serve, and care for their learners and each other every single dakinderteam1415y.  We are thankful for these talented, extraordinary team members:

Kinder Team:  Hank Pendley, Karyn Story, Jennifer Rinehart, and Roanna Nanney.  1st grade 14-15

First Grade Team: Lauren Bergvall, Stephanie Daniell, Katie Bergvall, and Emily Stanley.

2ndgradeSecond Grade Team:  Lana Beckwith, Joy Cowan, Nikki Hoover, Judy King, and Heather Cooper.  3rdgrade

Third Grade Team:  Kourtney Milne, Amy Clark, Andrew Morgan, and Jean Waddill.

4thgradeFourth Grade Team:  Brittany Cole, Susie Dickard, Jane Crisp, Jennifer Kids, and Shannon Williams.  5th Grade

Fifth Grade Team:  Sherrie Gunter, Susan Bly, Jennifer Lassetter, Laurie Garippa.

These amazing leaders of learners are one of the many reasons our students are committed to doing and being their personal best as they grow into greatness every single day!

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