Weeds or Wildflowers?

You probably know the saying:  “May all your weeds be wildflowers.”  IMG_0731Some learners today mentioned this to me as I was passing through during morning walkabout.  They were commenting on activities from the weekend and noticed “several weeds on the ball fields,” in their yards, and even on the highways.  Someone mentioned allergies and “how hard it is to stay healthy right now with everything blooming!”  Another friend talked about sharing “a daffodil from Grammy’s garden with a friend at church yesterday; she sure smiled alot after that!”  One child discussed the need to “help others learn to see the weeds of life as wildflowers everyday.”  🙂  Obviously, this got my attention!

As we talked on, it became obvious these observers were sharing ideas gleaned from recent classroom conversations and discussions about turning challenging situations into opportunities.  This life lesson at a young age can certainly impact the future for these learners.  Looking at things optimistically (the glass is half full) goes a long way in bringing JOY to daily challenges, no matter the situation.  So…here’s hoping you find a batch of wildflowers along your journey today and help others to turn their weeds into wildflowers too!

Note:  We have our annual Volunteer Appreciation Day this Friday, April 12 @ 7:45 a.m. during our Miller Rally…thanks to our Vital Volunteers everyday!  🙂

Tutus, Ties, Hearts, and a Bell…

HEARTY congratulations go out to everyone for the following three LaRue Miller Elementary opportunities this week:

The annual PTO Tutus and Ties (Father/Daughter) Dance is slated this week on Saturday, February 11 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Miller Cafe.  The theme this year is “Winter Wonderland” and plans are underway for a spectacular evening; join us!

Yes, we’re all rock stars and the annual Miller Elementary Jump Rope for Heart Campaign will kickoff with a special Heart Rock Cafe assembly tomorrow afternoon.  Sponsored by the American Heart Association, students will once again participate by learning about heart disease, living an active lifestyle in order to keep healthy, and working to secure sponsors for our upcoming Jump Day on Friday, February 24.

Finally, the very first Miller Bell edition will hit our newstand on Monday.  You will receive a complimentary copy of this student-created and published newspaper the first time.  Future editions, however, will be posted online for all to read.  I know the Bell staff members are excited to share their smart work with you!

As you can see, our learners, their classroom leaders, volunteers, mentors, families, sponsors, and the entire learning community are sharing multiple opportunities for everyone to get involved at LME; here’s hoping we see you joining us soon!

Sharing opportunities…

It’s been a busy Friday here at Miller! Right before early morning bus duty, a Kinder friend started my day by sharing her homework entitled, “SnowCowGirl.” Her assignment was to dress a snowperson at home and write about her for the class. Although you can’t tell from the picture here, this creation was truly a 3-D event! Thanks, Pressley, for sharing your vision so eloquently with me!

An elementary principal friend from another district spent the morning with me touring our beautiful building, sharing ideas, and “talking school shop.” We wandered through classrooms and one student, upon introduction, commented: “You mean you’re good enough Mrs. Van to have other principals come see you at Miller?” 🙂 Another young friend, Daniel, was working quietly to build something special during centers. After he finished, he told his teacher, “Hey, I’m the principal of this school and this is my office.” He then picked up the phone to talk with a parent while typing on his computer. 🙂

I was reminded from all these opportunities today how important it is for us to share with one another—share our ideas, our dreams, our successes, and our celebrations. More importantly though, I was truly blessed today to listen to others as they shared. Here’s hoping you find some special opportunities to share this weekend! Happy Friday!

Note: Students will enJOY a school holiday on Monday, January 16, 2012. We will see everyone on Tuesday morning!