Trunk or Treat?!

trunkdynastyIt was a festive and fun family event this evening as our learning community came out in huge numbers to enJOY our first Trunk or Treat Family Event!  From Trunk Dynasty to Rockin’ Readers, our learners, their families, TrunkTreatand neighbors visited, laughed, and reveled in the evening autumn breeze.  Our LME Book Fair was open and business was booming indeed.  🙂

Thanks to our amazing PTO Board for their vision and organization of this family event.  Thanks to our staff members and 3rdgradeTTfamilies who graciously participated by decorating trunks and sharing amazing treats with so many.  Thanks to all who contributed to an extraordinary opportunity of community fellowship!

We LOVE our grandparents!

AveryIt’s been noted, “Education is simply the soul of society as it passes from one generation to the next…”  Our campus was filled to overflowing today with great wisdom and life as we celebrated our beloved grandparents during all Jimmysix lunch periods.  Our tables, bellies, and hearts were filled to capacity with food, fellowship, and family fun.  Special thanks to our extraordinary PTO for sponsoring this event.  Most importantly, many thanks to the grandparents and parents who chose to participate, smiled and laughed, modeled stellar table manners, shared great stories, and assisted patiently throughout the event.

Our young Fisherstudents proudly stand on your shoulders of strong foundations as they continue to learn, grow, and love into the next generation.  Have a blessed weekend, LME!  🙂

We ARE family!

It’s true; we think of ourselves as family here at LME—one big learning and growing family everyday.  When one of our own needs help, we answer the call in support.  A fourth grade Miller family member, Ethan, is battling cancer right now.  He was very recently diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS); his prognosis is excellent, yet he has months of treatment ahead of him now.  When Ethan came by to visit with Mrs. Bass and me last week (with his mom), I was completely awe-struck by his bravery, courage, and positive attitude in spite of the situation.  I know many adults who would not handle this situation quite so stoically.  In fact, a former teacher of Ethan’s had this to say:  “Ethan has been one student who touched my heart from the minute he walked in my classroom…he’s the kind of kid who makes me want to be a better person because he’s such a great person himself!”  🙂

Ethan’s homeroom class of 4th graders are on a mission now to find creative ways to show their support and encouragement in the long months of treatment ahead.  They have several clever ideas (no money involved, of course) and special plans to invite the entire school to participate as much as possible.  Be watching for fun school spirit events in honor of our Ethan.

In the meantime, there are ways outside of school you and your child can pull for our family member, Ethan.  You are welcome to follow his progress during this medical journey on Ethan’s site and post him a note of encouragement.  Ethan is an important member of the Midlothian Youth Football League—this family of athletes is surrounding Ethan and his family in special ways too.

In personal times of crisis, one of the most important lessons we can teach our young learners is how to care for others through our words and our actions.  I challenge each of us to lift one another up; share a kind word; be an “upstander” (not a bystander).  As my Granny B would remind me:  “Always be a lamp, a lighthouse, or a lifeboat to your friends because friends are the family you get to choose.”  🙂

Friends and Family…

It’s true…we are a learning community family here at LME!  While wandering the hallways during morning walk-about, I was privy to a little conversation involving students talking about families.  Their classroom leader asked, “What makes a family?”  These learners were challenged to draw and write about families—any families they chose.  This precious little voice asked, “Will you help?”  I couldn’t leave; I had to join in at that point…

Families are like quilts; individuals pieced together and stitched with tears and smiles, colored with special memories and bound tightly with love. ~Granny B.~

I drew a large square and filled it with “stitched boxes” so I could insert pictures of my own family, but I found myself thinking about our Miller family.  One friend looked up from her drawing to comment, “You know, Mrs. Van, my grammy tells me our friends are family too.”  I added, “Yes, friends are the family we get to choose for ourselves.”  She challenged me to fill my boxes with Miller friends instead of my “other family.”  These are just few examples of the hundreds of choices filling our Miller Family Quilt this year:




I think you will agree…we are friends and as the popular song goes, “We Are Family!” 🙂