Friends and Family…

It’s true…we are a learning community family here at LME!  While wandering the hallways during morning walk-about, I was privy to a little conversation involving students talking about families.  Their classroom leader asked, “What makes a family?”  These learners were challenged to draw and write about families—any families they chose.  This precious little voice asked, “Will you help?”  I couldn’t leave; I had to join in at that point…

Families are like quilts; individuals pieced together and stitched with tears and smiles, colored with special memories and bound tightly with love. ~Granny B.~

I drew a large square and filled it with “stitched boxes” so I could insert pictures of my own family, but I found myself thinking about our Miller family.  One friend looked up from her drawing to comment, “You know, Mrs. Van, my grammy tells me our friends are family too.”  I added, “Yes, friends are the family we get to choose for ourselves.”  She challenged me to fill my boxes with Miller friends instead of my “other family.”  These are just few examples of the hundreds of choices filling our Miller Family Quilt this year:




I think you will agree…we are friends and as the popular song goes, “We Are Family!” 🙂

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