From the Top!

IMG_7909My view at 8,900 feet…worth the effort (and attitude) to achieve this breath-taking (literally) experience!  Making my way along the rustic Canadian Rockies trail of choice each day, I encountered some profound vistas and some important observations (ponderings); here’s what I gleaned from each pathway on this adventurous journey:

  1. Expand your horizons.
  2. Reach for new heights.
  3. ROCK on!
  4. Keep a sense of wonder.
  5. Rise above it all.
  6. Be an inspiration.
  7. Cherish wilderness.
  8. See beauty all around you.
  9. Patience, patience, patience.
  10. Be well-rounded.
  11. Be uplifting . . . and
  12. EnJOY life’s peaks and valleys!

IMG_8064Here’s to Summer 2015, the adventures, the lessons, the stunning moments (touching a receding glacier), and the memories…profoundly blessed to have my little two legs take me to unimaginable heights of pristine beauty.  Here’s hoping you have your own ponderings to share too!   EnJOY the rest of your time away LME friends; the school bell rings soon!  🙂

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