It’s officially summer today, the longest day of this year in fact.  Around me are reminders we’ve been out of school for two weeks (although the building is abuzz with summer school and all manner of activity).

ECarleDadOn top of this excitement is the celebration today of our fathers.  Our dads…those remarkable guys who may not always say “I love you,” but most certainly show the love in action everyday.  My maternal grandfather often observed:  “If people concentrated more on the really important things in life, there would be a real shortage of fishing poles around here…”  We loved to fish together and he taught me much about life during those early morning adventures.  Likewise, I am blessed to still have my daddy living close by who often reminds me, “Don’t count the days; make the days count…doors are everywhere so open one today.”  Truly, my dad is unconditional love in action, word, and everyday living…a real servant leader who leads by his daily example in life.  Here’s hoping you take a moment today to call or visit with your dad if you’re blessed to still have him; if not, reflect on those powerful memories, stories, and legacies he left you and your family.  Happy Summer and Happy Father’s Day, LME family!  🙂

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