A Pirate’s Life For Me!

As the noted American author, Mark Twain, wrote in Life On The Mississippi“Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.”  Our time to be pirates has come, LME!  In his powerful manifesto, Teach Like A Pirate, educator extraordinaire,, Dave Burgess, creates a treasure map for educators to consider for a passionately transformed, innovative, inviting, engaging, ticket-selling, empowering classroom learning environment.  Our LME staff along with the other MISD  elementary crews have spent Wednesday mornings this summer on Twitter (#tlapmidlo) sharing powerful pirate conversations, challenges, collaborative ideas, and much more; this professional learning network (PLN) is inspiring!

But why pitlapDaverates?  Educators don’t usually attack and rob classrooms (although great teachers “borrow” each other’s great ideas).  Dave shares:  “…teaching like a pirate has nothing to do with the dictionary definition and everything to do with the spirit of pirates.”

Consider:  Pirates are adventurous risk-takers, daring, and willing to set out into uncharted waters with little guarantee of success (like teachers).  Pirates don’t conform well to rules stifling their creativity and will travel to the ends of the earth for what they value most (like teachers).  Pirates travel with and wholly embrace a highly diverse crew (like teachers, who know parents send their best children).  Pirates live by a strict code, commit 100% to the voyage, and always pull their share of the load during the voyage no matter the “extra duties as assigned”  (like teachers).  Pirates are mavericks for change and seek alternative solutions to challenging situations on the high seas (like teachers).  Pirates passionately immerse themselves in the work, build rapport with each other, ask tough questions, and transform quickly to any situations (like teachers).  Besides, let’s face it; everyone likes pirates and we definitely need the true spirit of pirates in our educators today…ones who are willing and capable of captaining our school classrooms through the choppy and changing educational waters (especially in Texas)!

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I’ll highlight part of our summer pirate journey for you so you know what to expect upon your return to LME in August.  We have also added lots of new pirates to our LME Crew this year, so we’ll introduce these outstanding folks to you.

Yes, it’s a pirate’s life for us this year!  As one of my favorite pirate characters observed, “Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be?  I’m a pirate, after all!” ~ Captain Jack Sparrow (aka, Johnny Depp).  Here’s hoping you AARRHHH ready for the pirate’s life at LME this year!   🙂

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