Fine Art Form…

The annual Fine Arts Show and Gallery is this evening.  Each child displays seven completed personal masterpieces thanks to the talented vision and execution of our art teacher extraordinaire, Scott Fiorenza.  Whether it’s a Head Start student or an Art Club master student, Mr. Fio knows how to create and deliver artistic magic with each learner every year!IMG_7216

Thanks goes out to our entire Specials Team of educators who not only support each other through programs, shows, exhibitions, 5K runs, and more, but have so much fun along the journey too!  Thanks to our staff in general who host the refreshment table and act as gallery docents throughout the evening event.

IMG_7218We are blessed with the most amazing PTO Volunteers who spend time and creative talents arranging, organizing, and hanging each child’s artwork throughout the hallway galleries for this big show.

Our Miller Ringers and Singers along with some talented piano students share beautiful music for gallery gazing throughout the evening.  Thanks, Mrs. Perez and friends, for setting the tone and mood for a successful gallery stroll.

It is so critical for our young learners to have these important creative, artistic, and musical outlets throughout their educational journey.  Judging from the annual turnout and the responses, our learners are most definitely in fine art form…and more!

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