Weeds or Wildflowers?

bluebonnet1Perhaps you’ve heard the saying:  “May all your weeds be wildflowers.”  After testing was complete, I managed to make the rounds this afternoon to visit with some young readers talking and studying seeds.  They were commenting about finding “several weeds on the playground and our fields out back, Mrs. Van!”  Someone mentioned allergies and “how hard it is to keep my nose from running right now with blooms!” (I completely relate right now).  Another friend talked about sharing “a flower necklace I made during recess for my teacher.”  One child discussed the need to “help others learn to see the weeds of life as wildflowers everyday.”  🙂  Obviously, this got my attention!

As we talked on, it became obvious these observers were sharing ideas gleaned from recent classroom conversations and discussions about turning challenging situations into opportunities.  This life lesson at a young age can certainly impact the future for these learners.  Looking at things optimistically (the glass is half full) goes a long way in bringing JOY to daily challenges, no matter the situation.  So…here’s hoping you find a batch of wildflowers along your journey today and choose to help others turn their “weeds into wildflowers” too!

PS – I’m told we “DID NOT pick the bluebonnets out back either!”  🙂

Day One…state assessment…done!  As we continue staarthis week, we encourage you to rest, eat well, and do those calming techniques that allow you to focus, concentrate, and do your personal best no matter what!  Thanks to all our learners (testers and non-testers), all our LME staff members, and especially Mrs. Bass, our campus testing coordinator, for giving your personal BEST everyday!  Day Two is next…  🙂

anewappMISD has released a new mobile app giving users a personalized window into what’s happening in the district and on our campus. Get the news and information you care about and become involved.

Free and available for both Apple and Android mobile devices, you can visit the MISD App Website to download today.

This dynamic new application will take advantage of leading technology resources to connect you and other community stakeholders by using existing tools streamlining access to information under one umbrella.  You can customize the information you receive and engage stakeholders with timely and responsive news and conversation about our district, our school, and our students. Here’s hoping you get started today!

Note:  The previous app, powered by SchoolWay, will be unavailable beginning March 18, 2015.

Super Hero Brain Power…

IMG_7098Super heroes unite!  During rally this morning, our own LME Super Heroes made a special appearance to remind our friends about the courage and kindness all around us.  From our Teddy Bear Drive to the smart work of our teachers, we are ready to use our Super Hero Brain power with courage and kindness.  IMG_7109We also worked on our Super Hero stance…you know…feet apart, hands on hips, chin out, and face up in a courageous thoughtful smile.  Our teachers received a little “grade” on their Super Hero progress too.

In other news, don’t forget about state assessment next week.  We will be closed to visitors and volunteers in order to maintain testing and campus security with minimal distractions.

Get outside and use your Super Hero powers to better the world today; enJOY this extraordinary spring weekend!  🙂

Seussical, Jr.

drseussDoes Horton hear a Who?  Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?  Can you think thinks (but only if you think you can)?  These and other Seussical questions were explored by our first grade friends today as they presented their delightfully clever musical, Seussical, Jr., for our students this morning and our parents this evening!  Under the creative direction of our own Mrs. Perez (masterful music teacher extraordinaire), our young friends sang, rhymed, and danced their way through the magical world of Dr. Seuss.  Their enthusiasm, smiles, and brilliant expressions assured us all “it’s possible; anything is possible.”  More important, and please just remember, “a person’s a person no matter how small!”  🙂

MEF, PTO, and BBB…way to go!

grant1As is our Friday tradition, Miller Rally this morning brought not one but two big monetary surprises our way!  The Midlothian Education Foundation came to Rally bearing two grant gifts for “Start Your Senses” and “Headsprout”  Our Sensory Room will receive new functional equipment to enhance our social and motor skills for students with special needs to “start their senses” flowing.  Our Kinder and 1st grade friends will use new technology equipment and software to supplement (sprout) and further grow their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  We are so grateful to MEF for their continued encouragement and financial support of our innovative instructional ideas!

Some of our industrious PTO moms, Mrs. Walk, Mrs. Prather, and Mrs. Blackmon, rolled through the hallways of LME today with treats for teachers as part of their ongoing Cart Appreciation Day events throughout the year.  Teachers chose salty and sweet snacks along with a beverage to enJOY.  Thanks, PTO, for ALL you do to support our work and programs at LME!

BBB1Our Bluebonnet Book Bowl Team celebrated their smart work last night and during Rally this morning (showing off their medals).  By reading the books on this year’s Bluebonnet List, these industrious learners then answered a series of intense questions about the books as a team.  Down to the last question and in a final tie-breaker between our two campuses, the big trophy went to our friends at Longbranch Elementary.  Congrats to ALL our MISD elementary BBB Teams for their passion for reading and sharing great books with others!

Please keep sending those new stuffed animals (bears and other animal accepted) as part of our March service learning project at LME under the direction of our KC Club; we appreciate your support for others in medical need.

Have a restful first-of-spring weekend!  🙂

KC Club’s Teddy Bear Drive!

TeddyBear (3)Are you looking for a special way to give back to someone in need today?  As part of their community service learning project, our outstanding LME Kindness and Compassion Club are collecting brand-new medium-sized teddy bears during the month of March for patients at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.  These bears are used in the Teddy Bear Clinic where patients are given a bear to go through triage, radiology, IV, X-Ray, procedures, and surgical areas designed for each child.  This allows Child-Life Specialists to provide age-appropriate information with the bear while preparing a child emotionally for invasive procedures and surgery.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our campus to provide comfort to a child going through challenging medical circumstances.  We invite you to participate by sending a NEW teddy bear to school any school day during the month of March.  Ms. Daniell, KC Club sponsor, is located in the first grade hallway.  Thanks for sharing your kindness and compassion with others in medical need (many of whom are our current learners at LME).  🙂


shamrockcookiesMay there always be work for your hands to do; may your purse always hold a coin or two.  May the sun always shine on your windowpane; may a rainbow be certain to follow each rain.  May the hand of a friend always be near you, and may your heart fill with JOY to always cheer you!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  🙂

…and we’re back!

SeedsofSuccessHere’s hoping Spring Break brought rest, fun, and lots of learning (in other ways) along with lots of outside play in the sunshine (when it decided to shine).  We missed everyone and welcomed all back this morning to get these last 12 weeks underway!

There is a Van Am Gram coming home this week with lots of dates for our remaining upcoming school events.

We invite you to read more about our upcoming MISD event called Camp Invention.  Camp Invention is where BIG ideas become the next BIG thing! Midlothian ISD educators lead a week of hands-on activities created especially for elementary school children.  Students in rising grades 1st – 6th grades spend time disassembling electronics to create something new and taking part in high-energy games!  Lessons explore connections between science, technology and innovation. Created by the National Inventors Hall of Fame, Camp Invention is the only nationally recognized summer program focused on creativity, innovation, real-world problem solving and the spirit of invention.  Download flyer. Register Online  We hope you’ll make plans now for your child to attend from June 22-26!

Happy Spring and Welcome Back, LME!  🙂

Is it Spring yet?

Is it Spring yet?  This is the hopeful question of the day as we watched the last of the big snow melt!  Several young friends discussed the possibilities while talking about plans for the upcoming break next week.  They also reminded everyone to SPRING forward this weekend back into daylight savings time.

Spring-BreakHere’s hoping everyone enJOYs the time away, finds fun in all possibilities, and gets some rest to gear up for our final 12 weeks of the 2014-15 school year.  Time is sure flying!  Be safe and see you on March 16th!  🙂

Note:  MISD is closed March 9 – 13 for Spring Break.

What’s your super power today?

We all have gifts to share with each other; some of us just open our packages sooner than others.  🙂

Sarah Super HeroSuper Heroes have powers; some for good and some for not-so-good ventures.  During the course of conversations this morning during walk-about, several students shared their ideas from our big Super Hero Day yesterday when we celebrated the Science and Math of Super Heroes.  With help from Mr. Jerry DeCaire of Marvel Comics, students participated in creative process from conception to final comic book story product.  Mr. DeCaire is responsible for drawing the likenesses of Thor, X-Men, Wolverine, Avengers, Hawkeye, and more over the years.  Class Super HeroWorking closely with writers who create the storyline, he in turn draws realistic comic characters using math and science (really!) to create the action you see in the final product.  It’s a truly fascinating process.  More importantly (and fun fact), comic artists continue to create by hand (and not with cutting-edge technology as you might think) because human hands work faster than computer models currently allow.

superhero1Students today took the knowledge they gleaned from yesterday’s presentation to create their own concepts of super heroes–drawings and story lines.  As one little friend shared with me, “My super power today and is drawing and writing; so what’s your super power, Ms. Van?” 🙂

Here’s hoping our little super heroes never lose sight of the many extraordinary gifts and powers they have, opening and sharing them when they are ready to do so!  What’s YOUR super power today?