Count on me!

She’s one of our youngest learners on our campus but has the heart and soul of an adult.  Her answers to my questions always reflect maturity and just a little too-much-knowing-beyond-her-years.  It’s always such a JOY to talk with her.

This little friend loves being a nurturer to others, especially the dolls in the home area where she has a particular favorite each time.  Her motherly instincts are strong for one so young and I’ve often thought she could demonstrate some valuable parenting lessons to new moms.  She talks softly and kindly to her baby, feeds her, changes her clothes, gives her a bath, and takes great care to show love above all else.

keep-calm-and-count-on-me-11This afternoon, my little friend was called away from her chosen area to visit with her teacher (doing some group work, you see).  She turned to me, “Will you please watch my baby while I go with my teacher?”  I responded with a smile, “Consider it done; I’m happy to help!”  Her little face scrunched some and she looked straight into my eyes, “I’m counting you, Mrs. Van.”  My responsibility deepened then, “Yes, yes I will do my personal best; you can count on me.”

Those little words, “I’m counting on you, Mrs. Van”…what a soul-searching statement in one so young to one much older!  I held the baby and pondered the countless numbers of children we serve daily, yearly, each decade who “count on us” in our classrooms.  We are truly entrusted with a most important task in our call to serve learners each day.  Whether spoken like my little friend or not, they each remind us, “I’m counting on you…”  Here’s hoping we continue our journey to #LoveServeCare daily because yes, they are counting on us all!  🙂

Note:  Just one more full day of testing (and then some makeups on Friday).  Thanks to everyone for your patience this week!