We LOVE Volunteers!

IMG_7177Volunteers are vital and our special focus today was on the extraordinary work our LME volunteers do for our learning community! What would our growing campus do without these generous individuals who willingly give and assist in immeasurable ways? In our classrooms, our cafe, our gym, our playground, our art gallery, on field trips and other special LME events, and more, our volunteers provide invaluable service and support to us. Here’s what some friends had to say today about our volunteers:
She helps us do our math centers and stations each week.IMG_7176
He reads funny stories to us and we laugh.
She sometimes carries my tray in the cafe line.
They help us with projects and messes we make in class.
They throw us parties at school and make cool ‘quipment.
She stays to teach us when our teacher goes to the bathroom.
They make money for our school to buy us stuff.
They don’t get paid but the do priceless work!

We are blessed with volunteers who give unconditionally of their time, talents, gifts, and service daily…THANKS! Special thanks to our Miller Singers, our StuCo, our staff, and others who honored them in wonderful ways throughout the day. As we plan our work, work our plan, and autograph our work with personal excellence, please know it never goes unnoticed how our volunteers lead the way everyday; we LOVE you, volunteers!

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