They have a dream…

IMG_6831Our second grade friends presented a moving multimedia tribute this evening called “I Have A Dream.”  Under the direction of our extraordinary music teacher, Mrs. Perez, these learners shared a vision from our country’s past, our  current situation, and their hopeful future as citizens of our growing nation.  From historical video footage of speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and Oprah Winfrey, to leading Civil Rights leaders and historians sharing stories from the Freedom Train and Selma, our students talked and sang about our need to truly live as “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…” 

Special thanks to our Specials Team IMG_6832(who ALWAYS create memorable fine arts experiences for every child at LME each year)!  Thanks to our second grade team of classroom leaders who support this work with research, extra practice time, and lots of encouragement along the way!  Bravos ‘e Bravas to these young learners who walk the talk at such a young age, teaching the generations within our audience this evening the true meaning of hopes and dreams!  🙂

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