They have a dream…

IMG_6831Our second grade friends presented a moving multimedia tribute this evening called “I Have A Dream.”  Under the direction of our extraordinary music teacher, Mrs. Perez, these learners shared a vision from our country’s past, our  current situation, and their hopeful future as citizens of our growing nation.  From historical video footage of speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and Oprah Winfrey, to leading Civil Rights leaders and historians sharing stories from the Freedom Train and Selma, our students talked and sang about our need to truly live as “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…” 

Special thanks to our Specials Team IMG_6832(who ALWAYS create memorable fine arts experiences for every child at LME each year)!  Thanks to our second grade team of classroom leaders who support this work with research, extra practice time, and lots of encouragement along the way!  Bravos ‘e Bravas to these young learners who walk the talk at such a young age, teaching the generations within our audience this evening the true meaning of hopes and dreams!  🙂

Hopes and thanks…

Do you ever find yourself wanting a “do-over?”  A delightful fifth grader stopped me this morning to visit and ask specifically about my hopes for Miller’s future (since he’s moving forward to middle school now!). 🙂  After a priceless conversation and great big hug, I made the rest of my rounds still pondering our talk, yet finding I wanted a “do-over” to my answer.  Here’s what I really want him to know:

  • We are hopefully raising the generation who will cure dreaded diseases like cancer, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and others.
  • We are hopefully creating strong problem solvers in a world needing them.
  • We are hopefully encouraging UPstanders (not BYstanders) who stand UP to assist others and themselves.
  • We are building leaders who show compassion and kindness, serve and love others, share, and make the world a better place than they find it.

It’s true; each generation stands upon the shoulders of the previous one.  Our foundations are critical for future success (in school and in real life).  Thanks to each of you for providing the necessary tools and support for your learner and their classroom leader this year.  If it’s been a challenging year in your family or classroom situation, it is my hope we move forward to more positive horizons next year.  If you’ve had the BEST year every, here’s the challenge to take it a step higher next year!

I always tell parents we are here at Miller to serve our learning community; I sincerely mean this.  Please, if we do not meet a standard or expectation you have, we need to know.  Please help us better understand by offering solutions to the situation or problem, communicating a need we may have missed, or simply stopping by for a chat.  Parents, you remain our learning partners and participating members of our learning community at LME; we value and need you every step of the way!

Thank you for sharing your learner with us this year; we are blessed to have you in our lives.  Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who share time, talents, gifts, and services with us daily.  Thank you, our leaders of learners (classroom teachers, instructional aides, and staff), who give unconditionally in sometimes challenging situations to ensure student success.

My final hope for you and your family is that you enJOY a safe, fun-filled summer break doing the things you adore with the ones you hold dearest.  For those moving on, we wish you the best and want to know how things are going so please stay in touch; for those returning, we look forward to the time we’re back together once again.