Words of Wonder…

  • Child:  Mrs. Van!
  • Me:  Yes sir?
  • Child:  I wonder…can you name one important thing you didn’t have 8 years ago?
  • Me:  This school (not open yet).
  • Child:  No, silly; you didn’t have me!  🙂

Sunshine QuoteSuch was the start of a most intriguing conversation today!  For example, did you know that good readers form pictures in their mind as they read?  My friend tells me he is a great reader because he “can usually guess what the illustrations will look like before the teacher shares them” (and he said ‘illustrations’ and not pictures).  This friend likes to build paper bag cities at home (from lunch sacks decorated and stuffed with newspapers) to create new communities “so I can see what to do to fix things later.”  He also likes “thinking games for fun” like “Would You Rather?” where two options are given and you choose one and tell why you like it.  From riddles to learning tips to thinking games, our conversation covered a wide variety of extraordinary topics.  I wandered on feeling lighter, sparked with JOY, and bursting to face the next challenge of this busy day, especially when he shared his final thought:  “Kind words do not cost much but they fix so much!”  Here’s hoping we all take a moment to savor these words of wonder…so very thankful to have this child (and many others) in our care each day too!


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