As a young child commented to me today, “It’s a good thing I love this work ’cause I sure do a lot of it, huh?!”  🙂  This reminded me about our conversation on attitude and effort—the only two things we really control in life—every single day and how love plays into the equation.  Yes, we make the choice on attitude as we get up each day; we can also choose to change our attitude throughout the day too.  We also make the choice about the amount of effort we will place into something as we go along.  In the school world, we invest our attitude and effort with bundles of love into our relationships with children, their parents, and our learning community.  In fact, we understand how greatness is built with the foundation of love…love of self and love of others.  (I LOVE these selfies too!)IMG_6724

In his book, The Carpenter, Jon Gordon reminds us how fear can sabotage our dreams and hopes…yet, when you love, greatness is built from the foundation of love.  He asks the question, “Will you choose fear or love?”  He notes:

Love the struggle because it makes you appreciate your accomplishments.  Love challenges because they make you stronger.  Love competition because it makes you better.  Love negative people because they make you more positive.  Love those who have hurt your because they teach you forgiveness.  Love fear because it makes you courageous.”

Yes indeed, it’s critical to love the work because there is a lot of it!  Here’s hoping you ponder love as we continue our one word journey this school year to #LoveServeCare at LME!  🙂

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