Our Vital Volunteers

You’ve likely heard the saying:  Kind hearts are the garden; kind thoughts are the roots; kind words are the blossoms; kind deeds are the fruit.  We are abundantly showered in daily volunteer blessings at LME with the BEST Volunteers in the MISD Garden!

volunteers1We celebrated our All-Star Volunteers today with a huge Miller Rally, presentation, and special breakfast.  Under the direction of music teacher, Amber Grant, the Miller Singers performed a delightful piece for all to enJOY.  Special grade level “speakers” shared various heartwarming words of thanks while the entire student body cheered on them on during the Rally. Everyone enJOYed the scrumptious breakfast provided our entire LME staff.

Team Miller was on their top game today.  Special thanks to volunteers2our Volunteer Committee who orchestrated this big event…Ms. Cole and team, you truly blossomed today!

There is something profoundly majestic in young learners gathering as an entire student body to show their appreciation to our daily volunteers.  THANK YOU seems so small compared to all they do for and with us…we are so grateful for the dedicated time, talents, gifts, and service our All-Star volunteers and MVPs provide each day at LME!  Here’s hoping you find a way to volunteer soon.  🙂

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