Fun and Games

An unusual lunch conversation with a small group of learners believe2today (who asked to have lunch with me, by the way 🙂 ), gleaned some interesting ideas for families on-the-go these days.  Instead of DVD players, iPads, and other technology devices in the car between activities, these students engage in oral thinking games.  Here’s the idea:

One child shared how the family plays Would You Rather…” in the car between soccer games.  Two options are given and each person is asked which they prefer and why.  For example, “Would you rather live near the beach or near the mountains?” 

Another child explained what’s called “Three Favorites.”  Someone picks a category (like movies, outfits, books), and everyone shares their top three choices and why.

My own daughters would play “What Doesn’t Belong?” as we rode in the car between scheduled activities.  We took turns naming items and asking each other to explain which is the odd one out and why.  There can always be more than one right answer too.  For example, when I said, “owl, ostrich, and eagle,” one daughter said, “Ostrich…because it can’t fly.”  The other daughter said, “Owl, because it’s nocturnal and hunts at night.”   🙂

The important point here is how we spend time interacting with our children between the schedules and demands of life.  Just like my short lunch today with these learners, it’s not so much about the quantity of time as the quality of the time together.  Thinking through ideas, verbalizing opinions, sharing laughs, and engaging in meaningful conversations will go a long way in building critical thinking in fun, “gamey” ways.  Here’s hoping you try some of these ideas to create your own fun and games!  🙂