Watt’s up?

There is a vital group of learners (under the watchful leadership of a special teacher, Mrs. Garippa), who take time everyday to check watts1on our campus’ initiative to save energy in MISD.  Known on campus as the WattWatchers, they have broken the campus down into zones and go about the building issuing green tickets (good) and red tickets (not-so-good) for remembering the WW Rules.

We have a unique, highly-effective geothermal HVAC system here at LME and we’ve been in existence long enough now for the system to really save us thousands of taxpayer dollars annually.  With the WattWatchers, they ensure everyone does his or her part throughout the day in the following ways (as shared by some WattWatcher friends):

  1. Turn off lights when the room is not in use.
  2. Use the natural lighting throughout the building when you can.
  3. Watch thermostat settings and dress in layers to stay comfortable in class.
  4. Have custodians turn off main area lights (like the gym and cafe) when not in use and other places (like hallways) right after dismissal.

watts2While these are just a few ideas, the list grows longer each year.  WattWatchers take their work and their message seriously, but they also have great fun throughout the building helping others to conserve costs.  In fact, they were most excited today to be interviewed by the MISD Communications Director on their important role in campus conservation efforts (she even filmed them!).  Conserving and maximizing our natural resources are critical to future generations; our WattWatchers are making certain we do our part everyday for tomorrow!  As one friend noted, “Watt’s up?  Hopefully NOT your electric bill but ways to conserve that energy!”  🙂

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