Like rockin’ and rollin’ fer sure…

Yes, we celebrated the 80th Day of school this year in true 80s style!  From mullets and big hair to shoulder pads, crochet collars, legwarmers, Ray Bans, and cut s80s3Kweatshirts, we had all manner of fashion, music, and trending imaginable–especially from our staff members.  While we have a few staff members not even born in the 1980s (ouch!), you would never know it by their participation today.

Fourth and fifth grade friends shared specific trends during group discussion (such as Swatch Watches, Rubik’s Cube, and slap bracelets), popular music of the day (Duran Duran, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, 80s6Bon Jovi, Journey, and more!), video-gaming options (Pac-Man, Donkey Ko80s2ng, Mario Brothers), and popular TV/Movie choices of the decade (Breakfast Club, Top Gun, Back To The Future, MTV, Seinfeld, Different Strokes, Full House, Cosby, Dynasty, Dallas, and others).  Students were simply amazed at the diversity of ou80s4r pop culture during this decade of great social80s5, economic, and general change.  Even the Internet (as we know it today) was “born in the late 1980s.”

As one friend noted, “Our campus culture was like rockin’ and rollin’ fer sure on this 80th day of school!”  🙂