Daily Archives: January 15, 2014

Too soon?

A child visited with me today by request; she’s dealing with things no child her age should have to deal with this early in life.  She’s seen and done more at her tender age than most adults by age 30.  She’s what my Granny B. called an “old soul trapped in a young body with big ideas.”

Near the end of our conversation, this child looked into my eyes and said, “You know, Mrs. Van, sometimes when you get where you’re ‘pose to be, it’s just too soon, huh?”  OH MY STARS…such a profound life statement for one too young to really understand.  I had to catch my breath while I hugged her up tight…

As the guiding adults in young learners’ lives, our educational lifecameratask is daunting most days and completely overwhelming on others, just like the task of a parent everyday!

So here’s the question to ponder today:  In our society we push and motivate for things to occur faster, neater, more efficiently, go farther, and so on, but are we trying to “get there” too soon?  Here’s hoping you take a moment to stop, reflect, and decide when “getting there” is “just right.”  🙂