Bigger Than Ourselves

It started with a question in their social studies class back in October:  What am I interested in (and can do well) that would be of help to others?  Our fifth grade learners thus embarked on a special service-oriented project with fruition of each project taking place by the end our semester (this week).  movienight1They took a portion of their class time each week to work on the specifics (written plan, log, presentation, implementation notes, etc.), and to prepare their final results to share out with their classmates.  According to some 5th grade friends who visited with me, Mrs. Gunter, 5th grade social studies teacher, summed it up best:  “It is our responsibility in school to help families build character, confidence, knowledge, and skills in learners to be successful life citizens…a project where they have to positively impact the life of another person provides an engaging, meaningful learning experience while they realize their own special potential as a growing, productive citizen in our community.”

According to their results, these students successfully implemented extraordinary ideas into full action!  From dog-sitting to learning games for tiny tots to senior citizen board games to crocheting baby blankets for a local hospital, no idea was too small or too large for them to accomplish.  Bravos ‘e Bravas young ladies and gentlemen for sharing your spectacular talents, gifts, and service in remarkably kind gestures!  Your inspiration to serve others shines in a million brilliant ways; may we all aspire to be Bigger Than Ourselves in 2014 and beyond…

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