Monty Moose update…

Well…Monty is certainly making his rounds these days.  monty5 monty6Over the long ice weekend, he did his best to write a letter to Santa and work on his keyboarding skills.  He shared another great piece of moose with the 3rd grade team while learning a valuable lesson in 4th grade about being a friend.  Monty even rapped his way through art with Mr. Fio.  This moose gets around…so, Monty is also asking ourmonty4 Christmas question today:  If you were a Christmas Moose on the loose, where would you go and who would you take with you?  Thanks to our talented staff members and creative students who have generously participated in this campus event.  We definitely look forward to more of your Moose adventures!

In other news, it’s time to once again celebrate our Miller Christmas Express Day with PJs and parties.  We look forward to welcoming our parents and other guests to our learning environment for the big event.  Thanks in advance for the great support and fun you bring!  🙂

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