Seasonal Traditions

Most likely we all have a favorite holiday tradition or two…something you treasure each year as the season comes around again.  Whether it’s placing a special ornament on the tree, watching a holiday movie together, visiting family and friends, making treats, or doing a familiar activity together, you have something you don’t want to miss.

santa1My girls, Rachel and Hannah, would always write cleverly decorated notes to Santa the day before Thanksgiving in order to give them to him the day after Thanksgiving when we woke up early to go to his first story time of the season.  We never missed this treasured tradition or the chance to visit personally with him; he also remembered their names every single year too!  🙂

So…here’s your question for today:  What are your favorite Christmas or holiday traditions and how do you honor them each year when the season rolls in again?  In whatever way your family chooses to define the holiday season, take time to reflect with your child on these special traditions.  If you don’t have a favorite tradition, here’s hoping you start one this year!santa2

Speaking of Santa, we need to thank him for taking time out today to stop by several of our LME younger classrooms to “check on grades,” give out hugs, take some pictures, and share a laugh or two.  He even found our friend, Fisher, wearing something similar to him today; what a great conversation this was too!  🙂  Thanks, Santa; we sure love you!

Note:  Angel Tree gifts are due on Wednesday this week.  Thanks for all you are doing to support those in need in our learning community.