“That’s some present!”

We were honored to reunite a first grade sister with herIMG_3386 big Army brother this afternoon.  He’s in training and home on leave for a short time…what a happy reunion!  As one young friend noted, “Now that’s SOME present, Mrs. Van!”

It’s ironic then that we shared a special poem today during morning message.  Written in 1943 during WWII, this particular gift was special indeed:

The lights are dim, but atop the tree a star is shining bright;
For in spite of closing darkness, it’s Christmas Eve night.
Small hands clasp at a doll’s soft curl, and small eyes open wide;
And a small heart thrills with happiness at the presents side by side.
But dear little one, the things you have are more than those you see;
The gifts at this Christmastime are not placed upon the tree.
A family close in love and JOY, the care that they each give;
The promise you shall always have, this country in which you live.
Each may have some presents, but yours are more precious dear;
For you give love and hope anew by simply being here.

It is true in this season of JOY for those who believe that it’s more fun to give than it is to receive!  The blessing of giving should be freely shared, not just now, but throughout the coming year.  As we get ready to close our doors for a holiday break, here’s hoping you take time to enJOY a wonderful season of hope, peace, JOY, and great love.  You are greatly loved at LaRue Miller Elementary!  🙂

Note:  We are on holiday break Dec. 21 – Jan 6.  Students will return to class on Tuesday, January 7, 2014.