Sentimental thoughts…

Is there anything more exciting to a child than this season of love, peace, JOY, and goodwill?  Carols are playing in classrooms during workstation time, learners are sharing creative ideas and writings, classroom leaders are engaging students in all manner of clever activities, and everyone coming into the front office is smiling more these days.  Capturing all the sights, sounds, scents, and sentiments of Christmas can be a daunting task (and even overwhelming for some).  Finding ways to express the reason for the season can be so powerful that it becomes challenging to express the story well.  One young writer today was having no trouble though…

A young writing friend stopped me during walkabout to share card1his homemade card (completed in the card workstation yesterday).  His choice of colors and textures intrigued me.  While his words were personally heartfelt and filled with love for the recipient of this beautiful card, he made the comment, “You know…I hope someone sends me a card like this sometime; I’ll keep it forever!”  We talked about Christmas cards and why then mean so much to others who receive them.

As is our LME tradition, I begin each morning in December with a Christmas question-of-the-day, so today is dedicated to my young writing friend who asked me:  “What was the greatest Christmas Card you remember receiving from a friend or family member?”  Here’s hoping you send someone a special greeting card this holiday…the impact may be more than simply sentimental!

Note:  Speaking of sentiments, we greatly appreciate all the Angel Tree participation and assistance you are giving to the LME Angel Tree Project!  Please remember all items are due back to our caring counselor, Mrs. Stanley, this week. 

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