Christmas is coming…

merry+christmas+picturesChristmas is coming; the evidence is all around. Christmas is coming and excitement abounds!  We are in high gear at LME with today being just one of 14 remaining school days before the big holiday starts.  Learners shared their activities throughout the past week, talking turkey and telling stories about their adventures.  Classroom leaders went on a hunt for Monty Moose, who’s hiding in various places throughout our campus right now–oh, the stories they are sharing about him!  PTO is prepping the annual Peppermint Village Gift Shop for next week where students can experience the JOY of giving to others by selecting gifts for the whole family.  Speaking of giving to others, locksofloveCamden donated her hair last week to Lock of Love; this is her second time to grow it out and cut it off for someone in need…way to go, Camden!  Christmas Party reservation forms went out today for everyone wishing to join us on the LME Christmas Cheer Express.  Finally, yes, students actually did lots of amazing and engaging school work today–the “real reason we’re here, Mrs. Van.”  🙂  Here’s hoping you catch the spirit of the season through the eyes of a child today…

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