Keep calm and STAND UP!

Our LME Office staff members are truly the BEST!  I’m so fortunate to work with passionate ladies who take their work seriously IMG_3153(but not themselves), who do what is in the BEST interest of learners, and who are completely committed to our growing learning community.  From the wee hours of each school morning to the final bell and dismissal completion, the choreographed “ballet” of this dedicated troupe is undeniable.  Our unwritten mantra is “Keep Calm and Carry On;”  they live this every minute of the school day!  They are also the first ones to Stand Up while keeping calm, thus the reason for our office shirt (I’ll discuss our school focus of Stand Up next week)…they are, in fact, true UPstanders in their work and lives.

Thank you, Christa Stanley (counselor), Kim Huff (office assistant), Joanne Sullivan (RN), Vanya Worley (secretary), Robin Bass (assistant princiPAL), and Shannon Gossett (PEIMS/Attendance) for choosing to serve our learning community.  A principal is only as good as the folks surrounding her; I’m blessed to be surrounded by greatness indeed!  🙂

Note:  Meet the Teacher is tomorrow evening from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.  See you then!

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