Can we talk?

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  ~George Bernard Shaw~

This is true everyday in the education world…we think we’ve done our best to get the communicatemessage out and then someone communicates to us otherwise.  As part of our core principles, we believe communication and collaboration builds trust.  Trust is critical to our work as educators daily.  As a parent, you have to trust we are trained and properly certified to teach, to act in a crisis situation, to make educationally sound decisions for student success…the list is endless.  When we are wheeled into an operating room, we have to trust the surgeon and the anesthesiologist have communicated various allergies, reactions, and other medical concerns with each other.  TRUST is involved on a daily basis.

My conversation this morning with a small group of friends involved this very issue and a misunderstanding on everyone’s part.  As we talked through the situation, offered solutions, and worked our way to final conclusions to move forward, it was apparent the need to LISTEN first was the challenge really.  We teach our learners to “use your words” to share and “use your brain to really listen” as we communicate and collaborate together each day.  Sometimes we miss a critical step but assume we did it; sometimes we do it all too fast.  It’s important to remember how everyone involved in a situation carries a piece to the puzzle…sometimes, it’s really as simple as asking, “Can we talk?”  🙂

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