School Bells!

Our school’s namesake, Mrs. LaRue Miller, has many beautiful reminders of her 50+ schoolbell2years in the classrooms of Midlothian ISD, one being a stunning collection of bells.  During the architectural phase of creating and building our campus, it became apparent a bell tower would grace the front door complete with a bell and an active carillon system in place.  Once the name was chosen for our school, Mrs. Miller shared her great fondness for school bells (especially the one pictured here) and this clever poem with me:

School Bells!  School Bells!  All the small children and big ones as well;

Pulling their stockings up, snatching their hats, cheeking and running and giving back-chats;

Laughing and quarreling, dropping their things, some at a snail’s pace and others on wings;

Lagging behind a bit or running ahead, waiting at corners for lights to turn red;

Some of them scurrying and others not worrying, carelessly and anxiously hurrying;

All through the streets they are coming pell-mell at the school bell, school bell, school bell!

LMEbadgeMrs. Miller walked to school in MISD until her high school days (when she rode a bus to Waxahachie).  Hearing the school bell was the way to begin “back in the day.”  🙂

When she became a teacher in MISD, ringing the school bell each morning was her way of celebrating her past while successfully focusing on a new school day.  Her students today still talk about the privilege of ringing the bell each morning in her class.  Lucky for us, at LME, we hear School Bell, School Bells every morning as well!  🙂

Note:  Please  join us tomorrow evening for PTO’s popular Denim and Diamonds Event starting @ 6:00 p.m.

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