Act of Kindness

One of our Miller Essential 5 is “surprise others by performing Random Acts of Kindness.”  bellaMy little friend, Bella, (and her mom) did just that today!  This little voice comes skipping into the front office with a big package saying, “I need to see Mrs. Van.”  When Mrs. Worley found me, Bella had a big bag filled with huge cookies (because it’s no secret how much I adore cookies). More importantly, Bella’s mom helped her to perform this act of kindness (she did have to drive her here after all).  You see, Bella has big brothers (who attend other campuses now), but we still keep up with each other. Bella is two…”more than two.”  🙂  She is becoming fluent in Spanish and counted for me today.  Our office truly enJOYs watching her grow, learn, and participate with us.  She is doubly blessed with amazing parents and siblings who nurture her natural curiosity and zest for life.  She is taught to love others and to share…just like her random act of kindness with a big bag of cookies today.  Thanks Bella and Jill; there’s a big glass of cold milk in our immediate future, ’cause if you give Mrs. Van a cookie…  🙂

Note:  Don’t forget about a PTO Boys Night Out tomorrow evening, April 26th from 6:00-8:30 p.m.  See you then!

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